Stay Tuned

We aren't done

Thank you for taking action in the 2018 midterm elections in North Carolina!


Made 22,770 calls

Sent 164,766 texts

Helped elect Anita Earls to the NC Supreme Court, gaining a fair and independent Justice and blocking GOP legislators from packing the court.

Defeated two constitutional amendments that would have shifted more power to the legislature and made winning future elections even more difficult.

Flipped 9 seats in the NC house and 6 seats in the NC Senate, breaking the supermajorities in both chambers.

Boosted state-wide voter turnout to 52%.

Please watch this space for next steps. When we all work together, NC Wins!

Why North Carolina Matters

This 2018 election can determine the fate of North Carolina's future.


Read about the top issues in North Carolina and learn about the supermajority’s record on each.


Check your registration, find early voting details, and look up your district information.


NC Wins is a project of NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools, in collaboration with grassroots groups and individual volunteers who believe that every vote counts and North Carolina is stronger when voters choose their representatives, not the other way around. Because when government is transparent and accountable to the people, NC wins. Learn more about the groups working to hold power accountable in Raleigh and to make sure that North Carolina voters have accurate information about what’s on their ballots when they vote in November: