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To win in November, we need to make sure voters across North Carolina understand what will be on their ballots and have a plan to vote. That means talking to every voter we can between now and Nov. 6. Use this website to learn about what’s at stake, explore opportunities and volunteer to contact voters. Scroll down for more information on legislative races to watch, the NC Supreme Court seat, and the proposed constitutional amendments.


Races To Watch

Supreme Court

Constitutional Amendments

2018 is a Blue Moon election, meaning there is no high profile, statewide race to encourage voter turnout. But the ballot in November will have extremely important decisions for us to make. Every North Carolina voter will be able to choose the direction our Supreme Court will take, and vote on the NC Court of Appeals. Each of us will have to vote For or Against six constitutional amendments. And for the first time in history, every Republican incumbent will face a challenger in both NC House and Senate districts, led by a historic wave of women and minority candidates. We’ve highlighted some races to watch and explained these amendments in detail so you can be an informed voter.


Why North Carolina Matters

This 2018 election can determine the fate of North Carolina's future.


Read about the top issues in North Carolina and learn about the supermajority’s record on each.


Check your registration, find early voting details, and look up your district information.

Democracy only works when the people choose to be informed and engaged in the process. Right now, democracy is under attack in North Carolina by the hands of a small number of powerful legislators seeking to maintain control at the expense of the people. Use this site to get informed and take action, and share this information with others. Only then will the people of NC truly win.


NC Wins is a project of NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools, in collaboration with grassroots groups and individual volunteers who believe that every vote counts and North Carolina is stronger when voters choose their representatives, not the other way around. Because when government is transparent and accountable to the people, NC wins. Learn more about the groups working to hold power accountable in Raleigh and to make sure that North Carolina voters have accurate information about what’s on their ballots when they vote in November: