2019 Priorities

Keeping tabs on the NCGA is a fulltime job. We understand that most folks want to be informed but don’t have time to track every piece of legislation working its way through our legislature. We track what’s happening in the legislature and keep you informed when something rises to the level where coalition action is warranted. If you would like to pay closer attention to specific pieces of legislation or more closely track your representatives, we recommend this tool by our friends at killthebill.

North Carolina House of Representatives meet at the General Assembly Tuesday, June 28, 2016. (North State Journal/Eamon Queeney)

Expanding Medicaid

Thanks to legislative wins in 2018 that broke the GOP supermajorities in both the North Carolina House and Senate, we now have the opportunity to expand Medicaid in North Carolina. Because North Carolina refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, there are currently 500,000 citizens in our state who do not have access to health care. Closing the coverage gap would inject billions of dollars into North Carolina’s economy, create jobs and provide essential health care to our citizens.

What you can do?

Sign this petition asking the legislature and governor to expand Medicaid in North Carolina this year.

Call or email your North Carolina House and Senate members and ask them to support expanding Medicaid in North Carolina.

Check out these resources from the NC Justice Center to understand more about why this issue is so important.

Use this toolkit to spread the word and watch this space for specific calls to action.

Oppose HB370 “Show Me Your Papers” Bill

In 2018 voters in municipalities across North Carolina elected sheriffs who campaigned on ending participation in the 287g program, which deputizes state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. In retaliation, the North Carolina House voted along party lines in April to advance HB370, which would force local law enforcement to work with ICE. This is a direct attack on our immigrant neighbors and an attempt to circumvent the democratic process that elected new sheriffs across the state.

What you can do:

Sign this petition asking Governor Cooper to veto HB370.

Call or email your member of the North Carolina House and Senate and ask them to sustain the governor’s veto. Both the ACLU and El Pueblo have created interfaces that make this easy.