NC Voices

Guns in North Carolina

I’ve been volunteering in North Carolina with Moms Demand Action for Gun in Sense in America since a few days after the shooting in Sandy Hook. As a mom of three and stepmom of two, I was moved to take action when six educators and 20 first-graders were taken by gun violence. In the years…

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Why I Marched

I marched because the election catapulted me out of a sleep I’ve been in for 25 years, ever since I got out of college, got a job, and set about living my life. I was marginally aware that the Democrats were running sucky candidates until Bill Clinton came along, but I always thought that the…

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Finland, Values, and Phil Berger

We all are familiar with many of the first colonies in the United States. From early childhood we are taught that the Pilgrims came to this land to escape persecution under the English Crown and those that made it here found freedom, success, and the right to pursue happiness. Looking back at the history of…

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