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Democratic Presidential Primary Debate at El Tropico night 2

July 31, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm EDT

We thought it would be fitting to host our debate watch party at a Mexican restaurant in solidarity with those afflicted by the current President’s immigration policies so we’ve asked El Tropico to host us. El Tropico is located near the intersection of Sugar Creek and North Tryon, near the Sugar Creek light rail station.

The next round of Democratic Presidential Primary debates are upon us in a couple weeks; hosted in Detroit on CNN under the shadow of American concentration camps and the President’s newly emerged and somehow even more racially charged 2020 campaign strategy manifesting in a series of tweets calling upon minority members of congress of color, most of whom were born here, to go back to their broken, dysfunctional countries. Normally a few tweets wouldn’t be considered enough to be a campaign strategy but he and his aides have since doubled down on the sentiment.
For those paying attention, this is nothing new; the President’s opening aria for his campaign in 2015 decried Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers and he ran a similarly race-bating campaign; live streaming interviews with victims of crimes perpetrated by immigrants periodically. Many crucial government positions remain unstaffed in the wake of Trump’s nearly absent transition from Obama; an unqualified President flailing at racial tensions in the hopes of turning out another victory in 2020.
There’s a lot at stake here. There’s the matter of not having leadership qualified for the job but there’s even more; how can our stock market’s thrive while we host actual concentration camps and run up a massive debt? Who are we really that we can go about our day while this is happening? There are crucial problems facing us that the current President doesn’t even acknowledge; Climate Change is bearing down on us, the afore-mentioned debt- the country is on the precipice of a real disaster here.
These debates are a chance for us to here solutions and maybe get some sense that this isn’t just heading for an ignorance-driven disaster. There are many qualified candidates that will be on the stage in Detroit on the 30th and 31st; we’ll be at El Tropico to hear what they have to say and hopefully find some reason to believe the ship is going to get righted- it is imperative that one of these candidates beat Donald Trump.


July 31, 2019
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


El Tropico Restaurant Bar
4335 N Tryon
Charlotte, NC 28213 United States
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