NC Republicans have put big business and deregulation above people’s health, quality of life, and the eco-diversity that makes NC a great place to live and visit.
Republicans in NC are trying to control the courts that have been ruling against their illegal and unconstitutional laws.
Republicans are putting our children’s future at risk by failing to fully support and fund public education.
Republicans put partisan politics ahead of the health of NC residents.
NC Republicans continue to rig the system to maintain their veto-proof supermajority.
Republican legislators are ignoring the majority of citizens who support common sense gun safety reform in favor of the gun lobby and big money donors.
The NCGOP, run by a small number of powerful men, has violated the standard norms of good governing.
Almost every issue in North Carolina has a racial justice component which is largely ignored and intensified by systemic injustices.
NC Republicans continue to suppress legislation which offers women equal rights and protections, while supporting bills which deny women personal healthcare choices.
Minority groups including the LGBTQ and Immigrant communities are treated as less than equal and are not supported by this Legislature.