The North Carolina Listening Project

The NC Listening Project is a transformational approach to connecting with our communities, organizing our people and making a difference in 2020. The objectives of this project are to foster civic engagement by empowering everyday North Carolinians to engage in meaningful, in-person conversations with people in our lives about the things that matter, to connect those issues to the people who represent us at all levels of government, and to increase voter participation by building connections within our personal networks.

  1. Attend an NC Listening Project Training
  2. Have conversations with people in your life to find out what they care about, how they feel about our current political moment and what they are willing to fight for.
  3. Debrief with an organizer to record qualitative data captured during conversations and determine next steps for engaging your contacts and increasing voter participation in 2020.


Sign up for more information or to request an NC Listening Project in your area and an organizer will reach out to you.

Trainings are offered in-person and via webinar.  During the hands-on training, participants will develop a personalized plan for talking with the people in their networks, including how to:

  • Decide who to reach out to and what to say.
  • Facilitate authentic conversations, practice active listening without judging, and ask good follow up questions.
  • Turn those conversations into action that increases civic participation and voting.