Why NC Matters

Democracy only works when people are informed and engaged in the process.

Right now, democracy is under attack in North Carolina by the hands of a small number of powerful legislators seeking to maintain control at the expense of the people.

Before the last census was done in 2010, national conservative groups poured money into states where the state legislatures could have primary control over the next redistricting process and able to draw the voting maps in their favor, like in NC. It worked. In 2009 Republicans controlled both chambers in just 14 states. In 2011, they controlled 25, the most in decades, and were able to draw 10-year voting districts in their favor.  

The NC General Assembly created the most gerrymandered electoral districts in the country (both for NC Senate, NC House, and NC’s US Congressional seats).  Federal courts have held that all 3 voting maps drawn by the NCGA in 2011 were unconstitutional racial gerrymanders in violation of the Equal Protection Clause.  About 83% of North Carolinians today live in and will vote in, illegal gerrymandered state legislative districts.

In NC they gained so many seats that we now have a super-majority, with 3/5ths of the NCGA controlled by one party which can override any Governor veto. This creates a situation where extreme legislation can be passed without debate or compromise, which is dangerous for North Carolinians overall. Just look at how harmful and costly HB2 was to our state.

2020 is just around the corner. And once the next census is completed, it will be time to draw new voting districts again, regardless of the changes dictated by the courts today. And with North Carolina’s massive population growth, we are expected to gain an additional US Congressional seat or two. That means we will have a significant impact on changes that happen at the federal level.

We must elect state lawmakers now who pledge to implement independent redistricting and take mapmaking out of the hands of politicians. We must also elect lawmakers who will not pass restrictive voting laws, and we must vote against a Voter ID amendment which will allow today’s gerrymandered legislators to select who gets to vote in 2020 by determining which types of ID will be eligible. Voter ID is just another form of gerrymandering, where politicians get to choose their voters.

Working together, we can create a North Carolina that will be part of the change we want to see in the world, and bring balance back to our state. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

We hope you will join us.